Natural Ventilation System for Animal Care Facilities

When designing an HVAC system for an animal care facility, we consider a number of criteria including user comfort, code requirements, cost, and correct equipment. Kennels, play areas, and procedure rooms all need to be served with natural ventilation, so how do we approach the design?

The Haslet Pet Resort is a 7,600 SF facility that includes over 3,000 SF of animal treatment and procedure rooms. Supplying natural air to these spaces proved to be a bit of a challenge.

The solution was to design the building with a series of operable windows that automatically open when the right weather conditions exist. The natural air is then circulated throughout the interior and released back to the exterior through louvers on a 35-foot-high tower specifically designed for the effect.

As simple (or as complex) as this may sound, the economizer system is what essentially senses the outside temperature for the right weather conditions, which is then tied to the operable windows and louvers near the ceiling. Communicating this idea to the building official required proof that certain CFM calculations would work – along with other technical requirements.

In the end, the system worked as designed! Since the Haslet Pet Resort was completed, we went on to design the same system for the Burleson Animal ER which works very similarly – and efficiently.

Thinking about building an animal care facility? Let’s talk about your vision and how the latest technology can play a role in the care of furry family members.