What’s Up Doc? Need an ASC?

The process of converting a space to an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), or building a new ASC, has become a particular area of interest and expertise for our firm.

There are many factors to consider – whether it’s an existing treatment facility or an existing layout that allows for more flexibility. Factors include:

  • Develop the patient and staff flow required by the state
  • Use existing systems with additions to support the ORs and sterile corridor
  • With those items met, develop a cost-effective construction budget

The requirements for an ASC by the State of Texas can be met with the addition or modification of the clinic or procedure areas, electrical updates, widening of circulation spaces, and implementing an overall successful patient flow into the project, etc.

Many buildings that function as existing treatment facilities have the potential to become ASCs with the addition of operating rooms and their necessary equipment. However, some existing layouts, such as those with more open space, allow more flexibility to incorporate these standards and can be more cost-effective.

Are you thinking about adding or building an ASC? Not sure where to start or what type of costs you’re looking at? Contact us. We have a vast amount of experience with ASCs and can walk you through the process.